INTech Introduces 192 Scholars to Tech During Engineers Week

During Engineers Week 2017 (February 18-25), INTech introduced 192 scholars (151 girls and 41 boys) to the world of technology through 10 Mini-Camps at three middle schools in Charlotte, NC, one elementary school in Concord, NC, and two in Oakland, CA.

Engineers Week is an annual event that celebrates how engineers make a difference in our world. In turn, the event increases public dialogue about the need for engineers and brings engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents. INTech’s goal with Mini-Camps is to connect girls to women in tech at a young age so they are aware that there are people who look like them in the field.

A Mini-Camp is a 1-hour workshop where women in tech visit classrooms and inform girls about different careers in technology, inspire them with their journey into technology, and help them think about how to innovate with a technology related activity.

The Innovation

Since Mini-Camps last only one hour, we utilize the CS Unplugged Curriculum to expose Computer Science concepts to scholars, which do not require computers and fosters interaction. During the week, scholars learned about Programming Languages and the importance of telling the computer what to do in the correct sequence, Network Protocols and how computers talk to each other over the internet via messages, Web Development and how to design a website, as well as, Information Theory and how information is compressed and measured in computers.

The Impact

According to Google research, Black students are less likely to have access to CS in classes at school. In addition, in 2014, 26% of the Computing workforce consisted of women. In one week, 192 scholars, 82% of which were girls mostly of color, were exposed to high-level computing concepts and women in the technology industry who utilize these concepts at work every day. INTech is planting the seed so these scholars are well aware that there are women in the industry too.

We’d like to send a huge thank you to each woman who participated in our Mini-Camps and the Education Partners that allowed us to inform and inspire their scholars to innovate the technology industry!

Our Speakers

Kennedy Middle School, Charlotte, NC

Gabriel Roseboro – Project Manager at Bank of America

Jasmine Jackson – Security Automation Engineer at The Vanguard Group

Blanka Nagy – Front End Developer at Red Ventures

Erica Frazier – Vice President – Sr. Business Systems Consultant at Wells Fargo

James Martin Middle School, Charlotte, NC

Davida Jackson – Digital Content Strategist & Social
Media Marketing Consultant at Called 2 Connect

Patriots STEM, Concord, NC

Paula Cooper – Data Integration & Interface Engineer at Premier, Inc.

Shekinah Smith – Front End Developer at Red Ventures

Ranson IB Middle School, Charlotte, NC

Sherri Sonnier-Johnson – Web Development Manager, Sealed Air Corp

Contra Costa County Chapter of The LINKS, Inc. Respect Yourself Youth Symposium, Oakland, CA

Khalia Braswell – INTech Founder/President


Want to get involved?

If you are a women in tech who is eager to inspire the next generation of techies, sign up here!

If you work in a school setting and would like for your scholars to benefit from a Mini-Camp speaker, sign up here!

If you are a company who would like to help sponsor an INTech experience, e-mail partners
m for more information on how to get your company involved!


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