INTech is a one-day tech camp for middle school girls.

The mission of the INTech program is to get girls IN the conversation. Women have made immeasurable contributions to the field of Information Technology, yet they are seen as outsiders. INTech is here to INform and INspire girls to INnovate in the tech field. Their minds are just as strong and their thoughts just as compelling as those who are already creating technology in the field.

On the day of the camp, we will expose middle school girls to technology and show them how to successfully design, develop, and deliver a product. It will begin with a discussion about technology to uncover the myths of the field. Following the discussion, there will be a panel of women who work in technology. The scholars will learn that they can create applications that will allow them to become entrepreneurs in the future. Through the panel, they will also learn about the vast opportunities that they can have if they choose a career in technology.

Registration includes:

  • Lunch and snacks throughout the day
  • INTech t-shirt
  • Certificate of completion


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