Our mission:
To inform and inspire girls to innovate in the technology industry.

To achieve our mission, we host Mini-Camps, One-Day Camps, and One Week Camps.
Each experience covers our 3 piillars: INFORM, INSPIRE, INNOVATE.

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Innovate


Exposure is everything! Here at INTech, we find it extremely important for INTech Scholars to learn about the foundation of Computer Science and Technology.

Beyond mobile apps and tablets, we would like for INTech Scholars to know about other forms of technology. What are programming languages? What does it mean to think logically? This is what we want INTech Scholars to take away.


Hearing about someone else’s journey is always helpful. We bring in industry women who have a background in technology to share with INTech Scholars about their experiences and their paths.

We at INTech know that the road to success is not straight so we want INTech Scholars to know that there are many ways that they can use technology to get to where they want to go. INTech inspirers are asked to share the life path that led them to technology, their favorite projects, and give advice to INTech Scholars.


The most exciting part of the INTech Camp is the innovation. INTech scholars are grouped together in teams to learn how to build technology solutions. Through this, they are able to learn the importance of paired programming.

They are also assigned a tech mentor to help them troubleshoot any areas that they have. Once the innovation is over, the INTech Scholars prepare presentations in which they report out to their parents and the community about what they have learned.

Help keep us going

Whether you give your money or your time, we appreciate you helping get more girls in tech!