INTech Mission

The mission of INTech is to INFORM and INSPIRE girls to INNOVATE in the technology industry. 

Our 3 Pillars



Exposure is everything! Here at INTech, we find it extremely important for INTech Scholars to learn about the foundation of Computer Science and Technology.

Beyond mobile apps and tablets, we would like for INTech Scholars to know about other forms of technology. What are programming languages? What does it mean to think logically? This is what we want INTech Scholars to take away.


Hearing about someone else’s journey is always helpful. We bring in industry women who have a background in technology to share with INTech Scholars about their experiences and their paths.

We at INTech know that the road to success is not straight so we want INTech Scholars to know that there are many ways that they can use technology to get to where they want to go. INTech inspirers are asked to share the life path that led them to technology, their favorite projects, and give advice to INTech Scholars.




The most exciting part of the INTech Camp is the innovation. INTech scholars are grouped together in teams to learn how to build technology solutions. Through this, they are able to learn the importance of paired programming.

They are also assigned a tech mentor to help them troubleshoot any areas that they have. Once the innovation is over, the INTech Scholars prepare presentations in which they report out to their parents and the community about what they have learned.

Our Offerings

One-Day Camp

INTech Scholars spend a day experiencing our 3 Pillars in which they spend the most time innovating a technology product.

Summer Camp

INTech Scholars spend 5 days, in a team, learning how to build a website about a social issue of their choice. In addition to that, they meet women in the technology industry, as well as, go on company tours.


INTech Mini-Camp is a 1-hour experience where women in the technology industry go into classrooms and teach girls about technology, expose them to women in technology, and do a CS-Unplugged activity.

Our Team

Khalia Braswell


Khalia founded INTech Camp in 2014 with the goal to expose more girls of color to the technology industry that she fell in love with as a high school student on Charlotte's West Side. Khalia is a User Experience professional working for Apple, Inc.

Alison Welcher


Alison Welcher is the Director of School Leadership in Project L.I.F.T. In this role, she supports school leaders in developing and executing instructional leadership strategies to support school turnaround.

KaMar Galloway

Board Member

KaMar is a Program Manager on the Google CS First team where he continues his love for teaching informal computer science to students around the world.

Kareem Howell

Board Member

Kareem Howell is the Vice President and General Counsel at Integration Point, a Global Trade Software Provider.

Shuffarel Bonaparte

Board Member

Shuffarel Bonaparte served as a Teaching Assistant for the Intro to Engineering course at NC State where he taught HTML/CSS in which he will help with forming the INTech curriculum.

Brandi Riggins

Board Member

Brandi Riggins is a Human Resources Professional with over 10 years experience in HR Management. Currently, Brandi is employed as a Manager of Employee Networks at Time Warner Cable.

Who we've worked with


Ashley Clowney

Well because of [the camp] Kayla told me she wants to do coding instead of computer engineering now. Lol. Thanks for what you all did this week! The girls have had such a wonderful experience!!

Ashley Clowney

Lisa Elam-Rice

My coding daughter. Her summer project will include creating a website for the books she reads. I am so happy about what my daughter had the chance to experience this week because of INTech. Thank you for igniting the spark for Technology. They are better and will be great because of you!

Lisa Elam-Rice

My child has built her first app!

Khalia! My child has built her first app! You have changed a child's life in less than 8 hours after attending your class. Thank you, thank you, thank you, after the class she said she LOVED it and can't wait for you to do another one! Your passion for STEM and these girls truly shines through! I'm on board for whatever you need to make this an annual event. We're cooking you dinner!

Brandi Riggins

Principal EJT

You are an inspiration and my heart is overjoyed to have lil Khalia’s walking around Ranson IB dreaming up codes of greatness.....all because of your work this week!! I get chills thinking about INTech lighting the flame of a love for coding in my girls and them growing up to be just like you!!

Principal Erica Jordan-Thomas

INTech in the news:

"Camp that teaches girls to code, build websites comes to Raleigh for first time"

Just a week or two out of school and some middle school students are back in the classroom — on a college campus. The room full of middle school girls on North Carolina State University’s campus aren’t playing games or posting on social media, they’re learning to build their own websites. Watch Now

"INTech camp teaches code, offers role models"

Khalia Braswell, a 2013 NC State computer science graduate, started a nonprofit organization called INTech to expose middle-school aged girls to coding. INTech has hosted several camps in Charlotte, as well as numerous cities in South Carolina and California, and held its first camp at NC State in June. Several current students from and recent graduates of the Department of Computer Science volunteered to work the camp. Read More

"INTech Introduces 192 Scholars to Tech During Engineers Week"

During Engineers Week 2017 (February 18-25), INTech introduced 192 scholars (151 girls and 41 boys) to the world of technology through 10 Mini-Camps at three middle schools in Charlotte, NC, one elementary school in Concord, NC, and two in Oakland, CA. Read More



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